Check out our new Instagram account

We’ve been trying to get back online in a meaningful way and what better way to that than by embracing Instagram. Finally a place where we can share our favourite pics of us, Elvis, you, whoever!

Our plan, if we can actually say we have one, is to use this account as a place where we can also build up an archive of some of the more memorable moments over the years. Shows, TV appearances, rehearsals and of course meeting and performing with some of Elvis’ own band members, notably the TCB Band, the Jordaniares and Charlie Hodge.

But there’s more. If you have any images related to Elvis, or from one of our shows, or you just think we might be interested, please send it over to us. Simply reach out to us on social media with a hashtag (#kevindoyle #wayitwasorchestra) and, if it’s worthy of sharing, we will share it.

In the meantime, why not pop across to our Instagram account and if you like what you see let us know! Visit our account »